We are trial lawyers who understand, and thrive on, the unique opportunity litigation presents—the opportunity to win, decisively and unambiguously, for our clients.  We specialize in all types of business litigation, with a particular expertise in intellectual property litigation.

Our partners understand that high-stakes litigation is binary and that clients retain us because they want to win in court.  We approach every day with this in mind, and we believe that every day presents a new opportunity to help our clients win.

Moreover, our litigators have a collective technical expertise that is rarely found outside of the world's most preeminent law firms.  Every lawyer at the firm has a technical background and can quickly and thoroughly familiarize themselves with any technology in dispute.  We have litigation experience with a broad range of cutting-edge technologies, including touchscreens, semiconductor components, computer-implemented methods, web servers, authentication and digital rights management, web page customization, Internet advertising, inventory management, and a variety of wireless communications standards, including 3G and Wi-Fi standards.

We offer clients top-tier legal representation and unparalleled client service for a fraction of the cost of hiring an Am Law 100 firm.  We take great pride in the fact that, even as an economical alternative, our work product is not only equal to, but superior to the work product from such firms.